Our First eBook is Released!

We are excited to announce that our eBook of the newest textbook, Japanese Embroidery: The Techniques Based on Nuido, is now available! You can transfer copy-protected eBooks (Adobe DRM) from your personal computer to other computers or devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android tablets & phones etc. Organize your eBooks into a custom library and annotate pages.

IMPORTANT: Please read the instruction thoroughly.
Click here for full instruction.

Do not download the file (URLLink.acsm) to your mobile device directly. AFTER you generated the eBook through Adobe Digital Editions installed on PC or MAC, you will then become able to transfer the eBook to your mobile device. URLLink.acsm is like a ticket to download PDF to your computer.

Disclaimer: You will receive 5 times to download. However, you only need to download URLLink.acsm once as file will be stored in your computer. If you fail to generate, you only have to click  the downloaded  URLLink.acsm to try again. For this reason, we will not recover for failed download time.
Usually, the file will be stored in folder configured in your PC or MAC.

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