How do I become/renew JEC membership?

  • You can purchase/renew your membership (both US and international) from our web store now.
  • You can receive this special offer by paying $50.00 (annually) which is as low as $4.16 per month.
  • You can renew/cancel the subscription from My Account > My Membership area.
  • To enroll, follow the instruction below.

Important: Please note that this item is purchased standalone only if you select the PayPal option  To proceed, please remove other items from the cart. After the completion of purchase, your discount price will be reflected within 24 hours. (Depending on the payment method, it may delay the reflection) Make sure to log in first to see the effect. To process your payment smoothly, we recommend to checkout with PayPal account. It will also make possible to create recurring payment profile for you and there's no need to hassle for payment each year! To cancel the subscription, please follow the instruction below.  Please note that notification before the withdrawal WILL NOT BE SENT.  If you don't have an PayPal account yet, please click here to create one.


  1. If you don't have a JEC Store account yet, Please register first at You will receive a confirmation mail to verify your account. If you don't receive it, make sure to check your spam setting etc
  2. Login to your account
  3. Go to Membership item page
  4. If you wish to setup automatic recurring payment with PayPal account, select Automatic Recurring Payment - PayPal only.

    Or you can select One-Year Subscription - PayPal only which will automatically expires. (You will receive a cancellation notice, but it will be valid for one year.)

    If you are a new member, set your start date to today. If you are a current member, please confirm your membership expiration date which is stated on the envelope of your Nuido journal.
    And choose the start date; If expires on 5/1/2014, set the first delivery date to 5/1/2014 as it will be valid until 5/1/2015. Please renew several days BEFORE the expiration date as you can't backdate.

    To process the payment smoothly, we are only accepting PayPal. If you don't have an account yet, please click here
    If you are willing to donate (tax-deductible) and become our supporter, please purchase donation items after the membership checkout as above option can be checked out standalone only.
  5. If you wish to pay just for one year with debit/credit card, please select One-Year Subscription - Credit Card etc. You can add other items such as donation, tools, fabric etc with this option selected. Discount will be applied.
  6. Proceed to checkout process.

If you wish to unsubscribe from automatic recurring, you can simply cancel from Account > My Membership. Even after the cancellation, membership will be valid until the expiration date. There are two "My Membership" in menu. If you created profile before the date Feb 15 2014, select "My Membership (Profile Before Feb 2014)". If not, select My Membership .
If you are a current member, we strongly encourage to sign up and renew online so that discounted price will be applied on web store.

*Please note that after the expiration of membership, your discount prices will no longer be indicated.

To cancel your account, please follow the below direction.

  1. Please login to your account
  2. Go to Account > My Membership
  3. Click on the subscription you wish to update. 
  4. Click on "Cancel"
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