How do I pickup the online purchased items at JEC class in Atlanta, USA?

If you wish to pickup the items purchased at at JEC class (New students class, All phases, Teachers class, Phase X class, Advanced class etc), you can do so by following below steps. You will be able to save the shipping cost, however please note that 7% sales tax for state of Georgia will be charged.

  1. Login to your account and add items to your cart. Then proceed to checkout.
  2. At checkout, under "1 Billing Information", select "Ship to different address" then click "Continue".
  3. At "2 Shipping Information", from drop down menu, select "New Address" then click "Continue".
  4. Then enter the following address "2727 Spalding Dr Atlanta Georgia 30350 USA". Please note that this address must be entered exactly as seen here - e.g. please enter 'Dr'.  Enter your own telephone number and you can tick the "Save in address book" for future pickup. This process is needed to make "Pick up at JEC" option appear in next step. Then click "Continue".

  5. At "3 Shipping Method", you will notice that "Pick up at JEC" appears. (If you don't, go back to previous step and make sure you entered the address correctly) Choose a class which you will be picking up. If you don't know the name of class, choose "Other class". Click "Continue".
  6. Complete rest of the checkout process. Then you will receive Order confirmation email.
    Once the order is submitted, JEC staffs will process your order for pickup and status cannot be changed later.
    To ensure your pickup, make sure to submit order before 7 business days for stock-in items. Any order including Fabric Related Order are needed to be submitted before 15 business days. If you chose to add options such as wishlist fabric, gold leaf, etc, please refer to the indicated handling days.
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