I cannot travel to Atlanta for classes. What are my options?

There are several different ways to take advantage of instruction in Japanese embroidery:
1) JEC offers 4-day sessions designed specifically for beginners several times a year. If you cannot visit the Center, there is a worldwide network of certified Japanese embroidery teachers (complete list). Our textbooks, The Techniques of Japanese Embroidery by Mr. Shuji Tamura, and Japanese Embroidery through the Millennium by JEC, are designed to be companions to class instruction. JEC strongly advises beginning stitchers to study in a classroom setting as some critical preparation and finishing processes and techniques need to be demonstrated.
2) A student or small group of students (five or fewer) can arrange for private instruction at JEC (minimum $150.00/day.)
3) Larger groups of students can be accommodated as well. Fees vary; please inquire.
4) A teacher from JEC will travel (all expenses paid) to teach a class to at least ten students.
5) Submit your information from link below so that we can introduce a teacher from the list of certified Japanese Embroidery instructors.
Also, will you pick the location/city from the “flagged” area in the map? We would be happy to provide the information then.
Please note: Some of the above options apply to Japanese Beading, which is typically held only once during the year.

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